Mika Tyyskā

Mika is a composer, musician, guitarist and an animator. Many people know him for his work with cartoon animated guitarist Mr. Fastfinger. He has released 5 instrumental albums so far and bunch of other releases.

His peculiarity is to create worlds with sounds and push the boundaries. His approach on guitar playing resembles the way of an animator. The notes only become music when you make them breath. In his book drama, atmosphere, feeling and storytelling are the most important aspects in music. In addition to making music, his human aspect is seen in sharing and teaching what he learns along the way.
Mr. Fastfinger, animated guitarist was originally created for the incredibly successful, now legendary website Guitar Shred Show in 2005.
Soon the character started to live its own life outside the website. Live performances followed the success. Debut album was released in 2009.
In december 2010 Adobe ended Flash plug-in and Guitar Shred Show stopped working.




2009 - The Way of the Exploding Guitar
2012 - in Motion
2013 - Stringweaver 
2015 - Spirit Rising 
2016 - Swim Like Sushi (live
2016 - Neon Alchemist